Evaluation environment for fostering intercultural mentoring tools and practices at school


European project co-funded by Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices. Strategic Partnerships for school education


It is intended to promote peer mentoring actions addressed to reduce early school leaving in migrant students (secondary school)


It is intended to acknowledge the value of interculturality itself as part of an active and responsible European citizenship education


It is aimed to develop an ICT framework for assessing, managing and developing activities for intercultural contexts, with particular focus to taking decision processes and the identification of different patterns

As part of the project mission to equip teachers with tools to deal with diversity in the classroom and work effectively with pupils at risk, the E-EVALINTO team developed a training course for secondary school teachers to be able to interact with the E-EVALINTO portal and its tools and to apply them at school. On this virtual campus, you will find a complete set of materials, activities, evaluation tools you can use in classroom (E-EVALINTO Teacher Training Course: Sample activities) accompanied by a self-learning training course that will guide you in their application (E-EVALINTO Teacher Training Course). The course and sample activities are available in English, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish. To get started, we recommend you to register in the multilingual course and select the preferred language among the project partner languages for the implementation of the sample activities.

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