E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus: Terms of use


E-EVALINTO is a European-wide project co-funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS + Programme (2016-1-ES01-KA201-025145) aimed at providing a prevention and early intervention strategy in order to reduce the gap between migrant and non-migrant students in relation to early school leaving (https://evalinto.eu/)

E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus (https://moodleevalinto.grial.eu/) is a Moodle-based platform where European Secondary School teachers will have access to training materials and OERs developed as part of the project to deal with diversity and to apply them at school.

It is steered and managed by the Research GRoup in InterAction and eLearning (GRIAL) of the University of Salamanca, coordinator of the E-EVALINTO project.

The following statement outlines the policies by which the E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus collects, manages and uses the data provided by its users.

  1. Online submission form

As E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus collects and further process personal data, it is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” of the 25th May 2018 (EU) 2016/679) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The tools present on the Platform allow users to submit information in order to register on the platform, have access to the contents and participate to E-EVALINTO activities. When registering online and submitting other information, the data is collected and further processed for the purposes detailed hereafter under point 2.

  1. Personal information collected, purpose and technical means

a) Personal information.

  • Registrant data: name, surname, role at school, email address (mandatory)
  • School data: official name of the school, region and country (mandatory)
  • Picture of the registrant, address, profile (optional)

Registrants may also participate in training courses organized inside the platform. In that case, registrants could be asked to submit further information for the purpose of participating in such initiatives.

b) Usage of data

The storage and processing of data is necessary to:

  • Provide a secured and safe environment for teachers and schools
  • Provide access to educational contents
  • Facilitate monitoring and research activities

Statistics are collected regularly, including, but not limited to, the number of users during a specific period, their geographical distribution, the schools’ profile, the preferred contents downloaded and account usage.

Data will be used only for the purpose to carry out research and monitoring by the E-EVALINTO project partnership in an anonymous form that does not allow for personal identification.

c) Technical means

Data is provided by the users themselves by submitting online registration forms.

2. Access to information

Access data is strictly limited to:

  • E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus registrants: upon login on the desktop, users’ name and surname

Other data submitted by users on the platform (e.g., messages in forums, online discussions and threads, files and pictures) will only be visible to other registered users related to the section / course of the Portal where they have been uploaded.

  • GRIAL group: full set of data

Access to personal data may not be given to third parties.

3. Data Protection

The collected personal data and all related information are stored on secured servers of the GRIAL group under the European Commission’s security directives and provisions established for these kinds of servers and services.

In case the user wishes to verify which personal data is stored, or have it modified or corrected, it may be done online by themselves. The password set during registration will allow the user to log in and update the personal information. Users can ask to deactivate their profile at any time by sending an email to delete@evalinto.eu.

4. Contact information

For any questions on your rights and the exercise of your rights related to the processing of personal data (like access and rectification of your personal data), please feel free to contact the GRIAL group platform manager at this address:

GRIAL Research Group
University of Salamanca
Paseo de Canalejas 169
37008 Salamanca (Spain)



In order to deactivate an account, please contact the Support Service at:


I have read and understood the E-EVALINTO Virtual Campus terms and conditions and I accept them.